Audio: Conducting Interviews

Audio: Conducting Interviews

In this video, Katie reminds you of the importance of the questions you design for the interview. Katie begins this video with this observation: “I want the interviews to do something that I as a narrator cannot do. I want them to bring a personal connection. An unexpected story or life experience. That’s what makes the story more complete. It’s no longer just one’s researcher’s findings, it’s a collection of experiences, personal experiences, academic research and they are all speaking to one another in this beautiful conversation.”


5 - 12+


Storytelling, Professional Learning

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Creator, Host
Katie Thornton
Online Course Design and Productions
Dan Byerly, National Geographic Society, National Geographic Society
Elizabeth Wolzak, National Geographic Society
Executive Producer
Vanessa Serrao, National Geographic Society
Educator Reviewers
Jordan Budisantoso, Educator, 2020 Teacher Advisory Council, National Geographic Society
Michael Hernandez, Media Arts Teacher and Consultant 2020 Teacher Advisory Council, National Geographic Society
Leon Tynes, Educator, 2020 Teacher Advisory Council, National Geographic Society
Expert Reviewer
Rachael Strecher, National Geographic Society, National Geographic Society
Video Producer
Devin Swanson
Series Producer
Chris Dye
#GenGeo Reviewers
Andrew Brennan
Simon Handelman
Merrit Jones
Afi Tagnedji
Production Manager
Ashley Holmes, National Geographic Society
Graphic Design
Ruben Rodriguez Perez
Titles and Graphics
Dave Leonard
Ted Snavely
Web Producer
Clint Parks
Special Thanks
Getty Images
Minnesota Historical Society
Dr. Cheryl Kirk-Duggin
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March 30, 2023

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