Biomes, Ecosystems, and Habitats

Biomes, Ecosystems, and Habitats

Have students use the information presented in the infographic (available in English, Spanish, and French) to describe the biome, ecosystem, and habitat of an organism of their choice.


5 - 8


Biology, Ecology, Geography, Physical Geography

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Idea for Use in the Classroom

Share the infographic with students and ask: What is the relationship between a biome, an ecosystem, and a habitat? Have students rank each according to their relative size. Ask students: Which habitat was used in the infographic? How many other habitats do you think are within that ecosystem? Have students name all the habitats they can see within the ecosystem depicted in the infographic. Then have them name any other ecosystems they can see in the biome featured in the infographic. Ask students: What do you notice about the taiga/boreal forest biome of the world? Students should note that although it spans different countries and continents, it is spread over the same latitudes.

Pair students and ask each group to select an organism to research. Explain that they will need to find out about the organism’s habitat, ecosystem, and biome. Remind them to use the infographic to guide their research and to verify the biome they find aligns with the definition of a biome. Then have them create a similar infographic using their organism and its ecosystem.

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