Birds of Paradise Project

Birds of Paradise Project

Find what few have witnessed in the wild: the displays of color, sound, and motion that make the birds-of-paradise so remarkable. Then delve deeper, examining the principles that guided their evolution and the epic adventure it took to bring you all 39 species.


K, 1 - 12+


Biology, Earth Science, Geography, Human Geography, Physical Geography

Cornell Lab of Ornithology - BirdSleuth

Biologist and explorer Edwin Scholes and Tim Laman spent eight years collecting photographs, videos, and sound recordings of all 39 birds-of-paradise species. Now the Cornell Lab of Ornithology has harnessed their trove of media to create an interactive educational website that opens the world of these amazing creatures to all of us. The 35 vivid videos will amaze your students with jaw-dropping footage. They also serve as insightful explorations into the scientific principles that led these spectacular creatures to evolve.

Use this site to teach about evolution and adaptation, inspire wonder about biology, examine the role of sound, color, and dance in animal behavior, explore how continental drift leads to biodiversity, or examine what it takes to be a Cornell biologist or National Geographic photographer.

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Cornell Lab of Ornithology BirdSleuth
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October 19, 2023

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