Bluefin Experts: Carl Safina

Bluefin Experts: Carl Safina

The President of the Blue Ocean Institute talks tuna.


9 - 12+



National Geographic Channel

A single bluefin tuna, prized for sushi meat, can sell for thousands of dollars at market; this incredible potential payoff has led to intense fishing. In some areas, such as in the Mediterranean Sea, bluefin are caught when they gather to spawn. Fishers use huge purse seine nets that allow them to catch hundreds of fish at once. This and other types of intense commercial fishing have led to the decline of the species. In order to sustain the bluefin populations, regulations state that U.S. fishers may only catch bluefin tuna with rod and reel or hand-thrown harpoons, and the fish must measure a minimum length of 185 centimeters (73 inches). Additionally, there is a limit to how many bluefin tuna may be caught each year.

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