Campaign to Save Endangered Species

Campaign to Save Endangered Species

Become a family of environmental leaders with these ideas on the process of designing a social action campaign to educate your community about the plight of endangered species and actions they can take to help ensure Earth is a healthy place for all living things.


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Image of a student at a protest holding a black and white hand drawn poster with Earth in the center and the text there is no planet b on it.
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A social action campaign is a positive, organized, and active effort to educate others about an issue and ask them to take action. Effective campaigns not only inform but evoke the passion campaigners have for something they want to change. Social action campaigns have led to action in a variety of fields, including wildlife conservation. One example is the yellow-shouldered Amazon parrot (Amazona barbadensis), whose population rose on the island of Bonaire after a social action campaign, reforestation efforts, and efforts to educate the public, were initiated.

Climate strike poster done on cardboard in black and yellow paint that says to be or not to bee.
Design a Campaign Poster

Work together as a family to create a social action campaign poster to raise awareness about the plight of an endangered species that encourages the viewer to take a specific action. Start by selecting an endangered species to build your campaign poster around. As a family, research examples of campaign posters for inspiration. Decide on a catchy phrase for your poster to grab your audience’s attention and quickly make your point. Then create a rough sketch on scrap paper of the poster’s design to ensure that the text and image of your species is placed the way you want it. Make notes about what colors you want to use and the style of lettering. After completing your poster, plan to place it where it can be displayed for maximum reach.

A dump truck unloads its waste in a recycling facility
Research, Research, Research

Great, effective campaigns are built on facts. As a family, vote on an endangered species to research. Then work together to find five to ten facts about that species. Your facts might cover the species’ physical characteristics, habitat, food, the threats it faces to survival, and any existing efforts underway to protect that species and its habitat.

Image of a student at a protest holding a black and white hand drawn poster with Earth in the center and the text there is no planet b on it.
Research Existing Campaigns

Select an endangered species your family would like to help. Then research groups and individuals who are working to protect those species. Make notes as you go. What actions do these individuals or organizations take to protect that species? What can you do in your area to help? How can you help them raise awareness and encourage others to take action?

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