Compare and Contrast: Ore Deposition

Compare and Contrast: Ore Deposition

Element deposition and ore body formation occur in many different environments. How do these environments compare to one another?


5 - 8


Earth Science, Geology

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Element deposition and ore body formation occur in many different environments, such as hydrothermal vents, sedimentary rocks, and subduction zones.

Have students examine the infographic. Read each of the captions together. Then, have students make a list of similarities and differences between the three locations described in the infographic. Ask: What metals are found in each location? What are the conditions of the environment in which the metals are found? What role does water play in the formation of ore deposits?

Organize students into small groups and have them share and discuss their lists. Have each group compile a master list and elect one student to present it to the whole class.

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