Definitions in the Field: Rural

Definitions in the Field: Rural

When you travel around the world on foot, you are bound to encounter different landscapes—Paul Salopek certainly has! Join Paul as he defines one of the most common landscapes: rural.


5 - 12


Anthropology, Sociology, Geography, Human Geography, Social Studies

Transcript (English)

- Rural areas are large expanses of land where few people live. I've walked through many different rural areas in the world ranging from farmland, to pasture lands where shepherds drive their animals around, to deserts, the mountains. they include villages and even small country towns.

Transcripción (Español)

- Definiciones en el campo Rural

- Las áreas rurales son grandes extensiones de tierra donde viven pocas personas. He caminado por muchas áreas rurales diferentes en el mundo que van desde tierras de cultivo, hasta tierras de pastoreo donde los pastores llevan a sus animales, desiertos, montañas. Incluyen aldeas e incluso pequeños pueblos rurales.

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