Jan 12, 2010 CE: Earthquake Devastates Haiti

Jan 12, 2010 CE: Earthquake Devastates Haiti

On January 12, 2010, an earthquake struck the Caribbean nation of Haiti. More than 100,000 people died and even more were left homeless.


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On January 12, 2010, an earthquake struck near the town of Legoane, Haiti. The earthquake devastated the tiny Caribbean nation, causing more than 100,000 deaths and displacing a million people. Poor infrastructure is sometimes blamed for the catastrophic impact. Thousands were killed when buildings in the Haitian capital of Port-au-Prince collapsed. A small, localized tsunami also tore through many buildings on the coast. Years later, thousands of Haitians remain homeless, living in “tent cities” in Port-au-Prince. The Haitian government, the World Bank, and many international organizations are working to help these internally displaced persons access clean water, food, schools, and employment.

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