Explorers at Work: Shannon Switzer Swanson

Explorers at Work: Shannon Switzer Swanson

Shannon Switzer Swanson is a marine social ecologist and photojournalist by weekday and surfer by weekend. Her lifelong commitment to ocean conservation has led her to multiple projects with National Geographic from coastal pollution in San Diego, United States, to sustainable indigenous fishing in Indonesia.


5 - 12


Conservation, Earth Science, Oceanography

Transcript (English)

- [Shannon] I feel most alive when I am in the ocean, I'm near it, I'm smelling it, my movement through the water. My love for the ocean has really shaped my work. Grew up in California, and I saw how people's health was impacted through surfing in polluted water. So I became really interested in the human dimensions of the ocean. And now I'm study how people's behavior impacts the health of the ocean. I'm Shannon Switzer Swanson. I'm a marine social ecologist and a National Geographic explorer.

Transcripción (Español)

- [Shannon] Me siento más viva cuando estoy en el océano, cerca de él, oliéndolo y moviéndome por el agua. Mi amor por el océano realmente ha dado forma a mi trabajo. Crecí en California y vi cómo la salud de las personas se vio afectada a través del surf en aguas contaminadas. Así que empecé a interesarme por la dimensión humana del océano. Y ahora estoy estudiando cómo el comportamiento de las personas impacta en la salud del océano. Soy Shannon Switzer Swanson. Soy ecóloga social marina y exploradora de National Geographic.

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