Extreme Weather

Extreme Weather

Learners more about extreme weather events by participating in this interactive game.


4 - 10

The goal of Challenge: Extreme Weather! is to expose students to exciting careers in science and engineering while engaging them in learning important concepts about the engineering design process. They also learn about the layers of the atmosphere and the different types of instruments used to measure weather data.

During game play students take on the role of an engineer or a meteorologist at WeatherComm. In that role they launch weather balloons to forecast a thunderstorm, use programming to save researchers in a winter storm, test a weather-resistant structure against hurricane forces, and design an aircraft to fight a forest fire and weather obstacles.

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Graphic Design and Illustration
Chris Grahl, d'Vinci Interactive
Content Developments
Elaine Larson, National Geographic Society
Jackie Ricords, d'Vinci Interactive
Jessica Shea
Annie Walker, d'Vinci Interactive
Executive Producers
Elaine Larson, National Geographic Society
Mason Scuderi, d'Vinci Interactive
Game Design and Developments
Phil Diffenderfer, d'Vinci Interactive
Mason Scuderi, d'Vinci Interactive
Grady Shingler, d'Vinci Interactive
Janis Watson, Implementation Manager & Curriculum Specialist, The Creativity Labs @ Indiana University, Indiana University School of Education
National Geographic Education Staff
Bob Connelly
Expert Reviewers
Lockheed Martin
Angela Fritz, Washington Post Meteorologist, Washington Post
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October 19, 2023

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