Gray Wolf Family Activity Guide

Gray Wolf Family Activity Guide

Find family activities to help you foster curiosity about the natural world with children from ages 4-10.


Pre-K, K, 1 - 5


Biology, Ecology

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For centuries, wolves have haunted the human imagination. It once was accepted as truth that they were savage predators and creatures of nightmares. Determined to overcome such misconceptions, Jim and Jamie Dutcher lived in a tented camp on the edge of Idaho's wilderness, living with and filming a pack of wolves. By socializing with the pack from the time they were pups, the Dutchers were able to gain the wolves' trust and observe their behavior in a way that few people ever have. What they witnessed, during six years with the Sawtooth Pack, was remarkable: a complex animal oriented toward family life and with strong social bonds.

This guide from National Geographic celebrates the Dutchers' unique experiences with an immersive, hands-on adventure into the lives of wolves, designed to be shared by the entire family. Children are typically drawn to and curious about animals, especially animals that are outside their personal experiences but familiar enough that they have some background knowledge. The activities in this guide are designed to increase children’s understanding of this engaging topic and ignite their curiosity about the natural world.

Our hope is that this guide offers fun and engaging activities for your family and increases your understanding of the richness of nature. The guide provides additional emphasis on nature’s importance to the well-being of all citizens of planet Earth, as well as our responsibility to become active participants in environmental stewardship and conservation.

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Johnna Flahive, National Geographic Society Standards and Practices, National Geographic Society
Janis Watson, Implementation Manager & Curriculum Specialist, The Creativity Labs @ Indiana University, Indiana University School of Education
Christina Riska Simmons
Jessica Shea, National Geographic Society, National Geographic Society
Jessica Shea, National Geographic Society, National Geographic Society
Educator Reviewer
Diana Nelson, B.S. Education, M.S. Aeronautics, Master Teacher K-12
Expert Reviewer
Jim and Jamie Dutcher, wildlife filmmakers, authors, and founders of the nonprofit organization Living with Wolves

“Wolf Mask” and “Coloring Page” illustrations by Natalya Zahn and courtesy National Geographic Kids, copyright © National Geographic Society.

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March 7, 2024

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