Improve Your School

Improve Your School

Get ideas for projects you can do in and around your school.


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Earth Science

Photo of two girls reading.
Photograph by Douglas Klostermann, MyShot

Get ideas for projects you can do in and around your school.

Picture of a vacant lot.
Adopt a Vacant Lot

Make it a school or class project. Keep the lot clean and plant flowers to make it beautiful. Be sure you have permission to be on the property, and always take a friend or adult with you.

Picture of a sprinkler.
Calculate Your School's Daily Water Usage

Use this online tool to help. Start a school-wide campaign encouraging everyone to use less water.

Picture of a flower.
Remove Invasive Species

With permission, get rid of non-native weeds or plants from school grounds.

Picture of a storm drain.
Mark Storm Drains

Spring rains can wash lawn clippings, trash, and other material into storm drains, and eventually to the ocean. Stencil storm drains near your school with messages encouraging people to help keep the ocean clean.

Picture of plastic bottles.
Start a School Recycling Program

Ask a teacher to help you get bins for recycling in the lunchroom. Ask the principal to buy recycled paper.

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