Aug 12, 2000 CE: International Youth Day

Aug 12, 2000 CE: International Youth Day

On August 12, 2000, the world first celebrated International Youth Day.


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Social Studies, Civics

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On August 12, 2000, the United Nations first celebrated International Youth Day. International Youth Day calls attention to the unique social, legal, and economic issues facing young people around the world. The United Nations outlines 15 areas of special interest to young people: education, employment, hunger and poverty, health, environment, drug abuse, juvenile delinquency, leisure-time activity, girls and young women, participation, globalization, information and communications technologies, HIV/AIDS, youth and conflict, and intergenerational relations. Each year, the UN chooses a new theme for International Youth Day. In 2015, the theme is Youth Civic Engagement. In 2014, the theme was Mental Health Matters. The Mental Health Matters program aims to “overcome the stigma [of mental illness] to ensure that young people with mental health conditions can lead full and healthy lives free of isolation and unnecessary shame, and that they openly seek the services and support they need.”

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