The Photo Ark

The Photo Ark

Students learn about conservation efforts to combat the loss of biodiversity and extinction.


5 - 8


Biology, Ecology

Learning materials

Idea for Use in the Classroom

Introduce students to one person’s mission to combat species extinction through photography with The Photo Ark video. Use Joel Satore’s story to inspire and empower your students to take an active role in the conservation of species that are in danger of extinction. Through research and exploration, students can discover the value of specific species and the impact that the extinction of that species would have on the planet.

Have students read this article about extinction then show students The Photo Ark video. Assign different species from the Photo Ark: Featured Creatures collection page to groups of students and task them with researching the unique attributes of that animal, the role they play in their ecosystem, and what may be putting them and their habitat at risk. Have students collaboratively brainstorm ways to share their information—tell the story of the species—in a manner that allows people to understand the species’ value. To further explore art and photography as a conservation tool, use The Power of Images in Storytelling activity with students.

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National Geographic Society
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September 27, 2022

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