Planet Food

Planet Food

The Planet Food interactive aggregates the contents of your meal to generate a map showing the global footprint your plate makes before it even gets to your plate, and puts you in charge of the world wide journey a bar of chocolate will take before it gets to you.


6 - 10


Geography, Human Geography

Have your students discover their own global food network by playing "Planet Food"—a two-part interactive game that introduces the concepts of interdependence and globalization through the geography of food. In the first part, students can see the ways in which the food they put on their plate creates a map criss-crossed with food traveling the world. Earn badges to discover surprising relationships that food creates between countries all over the globe. The second part will call on their critical thinking and geographic decision-making skills in an adventurous investigative journey. Students will consider different values and points of view while making bar of chocolate to earn badges reflecting those choices. Where will you go?

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Project Coordination
Justine Kendall, National Geographic Society
Elizabeth Wolzak, National Geographic Society
Jessica Shea, National Geographic Society, National Geographic Society
Kim Hulse, National Geographic Society
Kathleen Schwille, National Geographic Society
National Geographic Program
Geography Awareness Week
Interactive Design and Development
The Workshop
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January 2, 2024

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