Robert Ruszkowski

Robert Ruszkowski

Robert Ruszkowski, senior aircraft designer for Lockheed Martin, discusses how he combined his passions for drawing, design, and science to pursue a career in aerospace engineering.


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Robert Ruszkowski grew up knowing that math and science are extremely important for someone wanting to become an engineer or scientist. As a young boy, he developed an interest in art and design by drawing aircraft. Later, this passion grew to include engineering, which propelled him to his dream career as an aerospace engineer and designer.

Aerospace engineers study, design, develop, and construct aircraft and spacecraft, as well as the technologies they require. As a senior aircraft designer for Lockheed Martin, Ruszkowski has worked on numerous engineering and design projects that continue to inspire him. His work reflects his personality and a sense of exploration, which he says is important for successful design and engineering. Through his work, he has also learned that no matter how unconventional or “far out” ideas can seem, they can become a reality.

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