ROBOTS 3D Activity Kit Guide

ROBOTS 3D Activity Kit Guide

Download the activity kit guide for instructions on how to compile materials to facilitate some or all of the activities featured here.


1 - 12+



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ROBOTS 3D ​is a fascinating and fun look at what makes us human, how far machines can really go to look and act like us, and how humaniods, through their successes and failures, are already changing the world. Today's robots are nothing short of astonishing, and those coming in the not-too-distant future are simply revolutionary. These humanoid robots are becoming eerily like us. Explore what it takes to make a humanoid robot—a robot that can do anything we can do without the benefit of a human brain.

Use this activity kit guide to make robots an accessible and engaging STEM learning tool for students grades 1-12. This guide includes hands-on activities that use everyday and easily found items. Customize your kit to fit particular grades, education standards, or topics, such as: electricity and circuits; actuators, mobility and sensors; simple machines and gears; programming and operation; and real-world application.

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Mazza Designs
Elaine Larson, National Geographic Society
Christina Riska Simmons
Samantha Zuhlke, National Geographic Society
Jeannie Evers, Emdash Editing, Emdash Editing
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June 2, 2022

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