Feb 6, 1917 CE: Sami National Day

Feb 6, 1917 CE: Sami National Day

On February 6, 1917, indigenous Scandinavians met at the first international Sami Conference.


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On February 6, 1917, delegates met at the first international Sami conference in Trondheim, Norway. The Sami are an indigenous culture native to Sapmi—the Arctic region of northern Norway, Sweden, Finland, and far northwestern Russia. Sami are sometimes called Lapps or Laplanders. Like the Inuit, Aleut, and Nentsy, the Sami are recognized as indigenous to the Arctic by such international organizations as the Arctic Council. Sami are traditionally associated with semi-nomadic reindeer herding, which they have been practicing for more than a thousand years. Sami National Day was first celebrated in 1993, when the United Nations declared the “International Year of Indigenous People.” Sami National Day encourages Sami of all nationalities to celebrate their shared heritage through use of the Sami language, display of the Sami flag, and singing the Sami national anthem.

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