Service Learning Toolkit

Service Learning Toolkit

Service learning combines learning goals with actions that benefit individuals or communities. This Toolkit supports planning and implementation of service learning opportunities for students, communities, and families.


5 - 12


Arts and Music, English Language Arts, Geography, Human Geography, Filmmaking

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We at National Geographic are excited to offer this Service Learning Toolkit for you to plan, develop and implement service learning projects. Inspired by Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Malala Yousafzai and her remarkable work as a leading global activist for girls' education, this toolkit draws on the groundbreaking documentary He Named Me Malalafeatured on National Geographic Channel. This film, based on the book “I Am Malala,” provides intimate insight into her relationship with her family, and her powerful global impact. We hope you take advantage of this resource and that it inspires you to execute a service learning project in the same spirit that Malala and the film about her life inspired us to create it.

Service learning gives students in Grades 5-12 an opportunity to see how their own interests can be turned into action, empowering them to recognize their own roles in effecting change. The toolkit walks you through the key steps of service learning:

  • identifying issues, researching and planning
  • taking action, reflecting and evaluating
  • communicating and celebrating the outcomes

The Service Learning Toolkit is made up of the following four components

  • Educator Guide
  • Family Guide
  • Community Partner Guide
  • Service Learning Workbook

It is our hope that the greater education community finds this to be a valuable, one-of-a-kind resource. It is free, accessible to everyone and we need help spreading the word. We ask that you share this with your peers, friends, other students, educators and community partners.

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Anne Thidermann French, Service-Learning Coordinator North Adams Public Schools and Drury High School, Service-Learning Coordinator North Adams Public Schools and Drury High School
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Cathryn Berger Kaye, CBK Associates, CBK Diversified DBA CBK Associates
Katie Williams, National Geographic Society, National Geographic Society
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January 22, 2024

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