In this video, Sandesh Kadur presents his final video story, along with a debrief about the process that he has just experienced. Sandesh talks about how time allows characters to naturally reveal themselves.


5 - 12+


Biology, Storytelling, Filmmaking, Professional Learning

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Online Course Design and Productions
Dan Byerly, National Geographic Society, National Geographic Society
Elizabeth Wolzak, National Geographic Society
Executive Producer
Vanessa Serrao, National Geographic Society
Cinematographer, Editor
Sandesh Kadur
Monica Pinzon
Educator Reviewers
Jordan Budisantoso, Educator, 2020 Teacher Advisory Council, National Geographic Society
Michael Hernandez, Media Arts Teacher and Consultant 2020 Teacher Advisory Council, National Geographic Society
Leon Tynes, Educator, 2020 Teacher Advisory Council, National Geographic Society
Video Producers
Eddie Olvera
Devin Swanson
Series Producer
Chris Dye
Robin Darius Conz
#GenGeo Reviewers
Andrew Brennan
Simon Handelman
Merrit Jones
Afi Tagnedji
Production Managers
Ashley Green, National Geographic Society
Carmen Radke
Associate Producer
Ruben Rodriguez Perez
Web Producer
Clint Parks
Special Thanks
Warren Jones, Qanirtuuq Corporation, Wanirtuuq Corporation
Rick Knecht, Nunalleq Culture and Archaeology Center, Nunalleq Culture and Archaeology Center
Quinhagak, Alaska
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March 30, 2023

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