Explore the challenges of living on Mars! Living off-world, far from
home is not as easy as science fiction makes it seem. It takes a careful
balance of food rations, air and water recycling, greenhouse and plants,
agriculture, and solar energy production to keep the astronauts
breathing and well fed. With this interactive simulator built on
authentic NASA data, you design your mission, set it in motion, and
learn if you will need more than potatoes to survive! Use this
simulation with your students to discuss the challenges of becoming
interplanetary, and then bring it home again to discuss how living on
Mars might reflect how we could be living on Earth today.


5 - 12+


Biology, Earth Science, Astronomy, Engineering

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Project Lead
Kai Staats
Lead Server Developer
Iurii Milovanov
Lead Front-End Developer
Ezio Melotti
Assistant Developer
Thomas Curry
Habitat Architect and 3D Artist
Bryan Versteeg
ASU Associate Lead
Sheri Klug Boonstra
Educational Lead
Don Boonstra
Tyson Brown, National Geographic Society
Sarah Appleton, National Geographic Society, National Geographic Society
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November 16, 2023

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