Storytelling Through Photography: Tailyr Irvine

Storytelling Through Photography: Tailyr Irvine

Tailyr Irvine is a Salish and Kootenai photographer from the Flathead Reservation in Montana. Her work focuses on amplifying the voices of indigenous communities and breaking down stereotypes about American Indians.


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Professional Learning, Storytelling, Photography

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Tailyr Irvine is a Salish and Kootenai photojournalist born and raised on the Flathead Indian Reservation in western Montana. In one of her first major projects, she photographed the protests against the construction of an oil pipeline on the Standing Rock Sioux reservation in 2016 and 2017. Tailyr is a 2019 National Geographic Explorer and a We, Women Artist currently working on a project that explores the complexities of blood quantum and Native identity.

This video was developed in partnership with Adobe, as part of a series of courses called Storytelling for Impact.

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