Super Moleculizer

Super Moleculizer

Moldepot is a famous moleculizer store in the city. It can produce dozens of various compounds in just an hour thanks to the multifunction atom reactor. Got carbon and oxygen spare? Boom, you get carbon dioxide (CO2) in minutes. Learn about molecules and compounds in this tycoon style arcade game!


5 - 8

Pre-Game Discussion Questions:

  • What is an element?
  • What is an atom?
  • What is a molecule?
  • How is an atom different from a molecule?
  • How are molecules similar to and different from compounds?

Post-Game Discussion Questions:

  • What is the difference between an atom and a molecule?
  • If someone in the game asked for "oxygen," what would you need to give them - an atom, or a molecule?
  • What are the chemical symbols for water, table salt, and stomach acid?
  • Why is carbon so important on Earth?
  • Name, draw, provide the chemical symbol for, and describe three new elements or compounds that you learned about in the game (three that you have never heard of before)?
  • In the game, which elements could not exist as a single atom, but would combine with themselves to form diatomic molecules?
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