Top Crop

Top Crop

Maximize your yield while keeping your farm sustainable in this crop-growing game.


6 - 12

The goal of Top Crop is to introduce students to the complex problems surrounding growing food for an increasing population while ensuring that sustainable practices are used to protect the environment.

During this ten-round experience, students will make choices that will impact how successful their farm will be. Players need to strike a balance between deploying new technologies to maximize their crop yields while keeping long-term sustainability goals in mind. When purchasing the technologies to use on the farm, students should be sure to read the descriptions. Some technologies are automatically applied to the field, while some require students to take particular actions to receive the benefit from the technology.

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Project Coordinations
Sarah Appleton, National Geographic Society, National Geographic Society
Katie Williams, National Geographic Society, National Geographic Society
Parker Ziegler, National Geographic Society, National Geographic Society
Research Manager
Todd Hermann, National Geographic Standards and Practices
Andrea Silen, National Geographic Society
Expert Reviewer
Julie Borlaug Larsen, Norman E. Borlaug Institute for International Agriculture, Texas A&M University
Elizabeth Wolzak, National Geographic Society
Associate Producer
Allyson Shaw, National Geographic Society
Sara Zeglin, National Geographic Society
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October 19, 2023

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