The Tree Farm: A Planted Forest

The Tree Farm: A Planted Forest

Learn more about different types of tree farms, the tree species grown in them, and the benefits that tree farms provide.


9 - 12


Ecology, Conservation, Chemistry

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Idea for Use in the Classroom

Using the infographic, The Tree Farm: A Planted Forest, explore tree farms and their various purposes. Have students read about the requirements a tree farm must meet in order to be certified through the American Tree Farm System (ATFS) by visiting The Five Steps to Certification website. Using the infographic and the ATFS website, explore how a tree farm is strategically laid out and the types of tree species that are typically grown on tree farms.

In groups, have students come up with a proposal for their own tree farm, making sure to satisfy ATFS standards for tree farm management, as summarized in the infographic. Ask students: What does it mean to have a business that is sustainable? What does it mean to harvest trees sustainably? Each group’s proposal must include what tree species they plan to grow on their tree farm and how they plan to manage their tree farms sustainably. Guide students to come up with a design that maximizes the natural and economic benefits of their tree farm and minimizes harmful effects on the surrounding habitat. Have each group present their tree farm management plan to the class.

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