Walter's Travels - Weathering and Erosion

Walter's Travels - Weathering and Erosion

Meet Walter, a friendly animal who will guide you on your quest for knowledge about erosion and weathering. You will begin your journey by doing different activities to that will simulate weathering and erosion. The game continues with a variety of activities and information. At the end, you will play a bonus arcade game to award you for your good work.


5 - 8


Earth Science, Geology, Geography, Physical Geography

Pre-Game Discussion Questions:

  • In this game, you will learn about weathering and erosion. Why do you think we often learn about weathering and erosion together?
  • What are some natural forces that cause weathering and erosion to occur?
  • What is the difference between mechanical and chemical weathering?

Post-Game Discussion Questions:

  • Why is gravity one of the main sources of weathering and erosion?
  • Which type of weathering causes the formation of stalactites?
  • There are scientists who argue that Desert Arches were formed by water erosion and the effect of wind erosion is limited. Can you think of an example to support either theory? (Note the game suggests arches are formed by wind erosion)
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