You Decide: Presidential Decisions

You Decide: Presidential Decisions

You are POTUS! Imagine you are the president of the United States, making complex global decisions that impact human rights. Put yourself in the middle of historical decisions made by President Gerald R. Ford. Identify what geographic and political aspects matter most. Weigh the importance of multiple perspectives. How will you decide?


6 - 12


Social Studies, Civics

In You Decide: Presidential Decisions, students take on the role of president of the United States and make complex decisions based on real situations faced by President Gerald R. Ford during his 1974-1977 presidency: the signing of the Helsinki Accords, the condemnation of South African apartheid, and Operation Babylift.

You Decide: Presidential Decisions is an excellent companion to the social studies classroom, particularly any study of the Cold War era. It also highlights the importance of human rights to President Ford, and can lead to discussions about the importance of human rights and how presidents can advocate for issues that are important to them. The focus on decision-making in this interactive offers a way to introduce a powerful process that can be used in students’ own decision-making, or in analyzing decisions they may read about in historical context or in current events.

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October 19, 2023

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