I Wonder: Educational Video Series

I Wonder: Educational Video Series

“I Wonder” is an educational video series that follows Anand Varma, a National Geographic Explorer,  Photographer, and founder of WonderLab, on his journey to observe and document the life cycle of cephalopods.


4 - 12+


Biology, Photography, Storytelling

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Anand Varma, National Geographic Photographer and Explorer, grew up exploring the woods near his childhood home in Atlanta, Georgia. As a teenager, he picked up his dad’s old camera and found that he could use it to feed his curiosity about the natural world — and to share his discoveries with others. Now he hopes to inspire the next generation of young scientists and storytellers. The brand new WonderLab, founded by Anand himself, invites curiosity and a deeper appreciation of the natural world.

“I Wonder” is an educational digital video series that follows Anand Varma on his journey to observe and document a never-before seen scientific phenomenon: the life cycle of cephalopods. Each episode focuses on a specific phase of his creative process and spotlights the Wonder Learning Strategies. Anand embodies what National Geographic recognizes as the Explorer Mindset. He manifests the attitudes, skills, and knowledge of an Explorer: asks questions, experiments and solves problems while accepting that it is fine to be curious, to try new things, and to make mistakes in the pursuit of knowledge.


Conijn, J., Rietdijk, W., Broekhof, E., Andre, L., & Schinkel, A. (2021). A theoretical framework and questionnaire for wonder-full education. Journal of Curriculum Studies, 54(3), 423-444.

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