Love, Hate & The Weather: Indus River Dolphins

Love, Hate & The Weather: Indus River Dolphins

In Chapter 4 of the Out of Eden Walk podcast “Love, Hate & the Weather: India,” Arati spots an extremely rare Indus river dolphin and her calf. They discover a small pod living in the wetlands.


9 - 12+


Storytelling, Anthropology, World History

This is Chapter 4 of Love, Hate & the Weather: India. Listen to the next Chapter here, find the full India episode here, and find the Love, Hate & the Weather Collection here.


Created by

National Geographic Impact Story Lab in collaboration with Paul Salopek and the Out of Eden Walk

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Chris Dye

Taylor Schuelke

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Davar Ardalan

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Eli Chen

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Hansdale Hsu

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Julie Beer

For National Geographic Impact Story Lab

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Vanessa Serrao

Kaitlyn Yarnall

Director of Production and Development

Chris Dye

Director of Impact

Sarah Joseph

Senior Producer

Mary Stephens


Taylor Schuelke

Production Manager

Maíra Ferranti Corrêa

Production Coordinator

Jessica Wang

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